How it works

3 Stages of a Complete Evidence-Based Care Package

- 1 -


Therapy begins with telling your story to help me get a full understanding of your relationship needs, individual wishes and hopes for change.

To inform your bespoke therapy plan, I'll also ask you specific questions based on over 50 years of research on what makes and breaks relationships, and what works in therapy.

For the therapy to be effective, it is also important to take into account your individual needs. As a Clinical Psychologist, I've extensive training and experience working with both individual and couple issues, mental health and life challenges. I take great care to incorporate all what is important to you in your tailored programme.

Whenever applicable, your plan will include methods from the most effective couples therapies, such as the Gottman Method, Emotionally Focussed and Cognitive-Behavioural Therapies.

An expert and bespoke approach is essential because there is no evidence that one type of therapy works for everyone.

- 2 -

Treatment & Practice

When you are ready, we will carry out the plan together in a series of consultations. You are in control at all times. You decide the content, pacing and number of sessions.

Elective advanced tools will be offered to promote progress and effective learning, such as tailored hand-outs, exercises, video, adjunctive bibliotherapy, bespoke therapy letters and email/live-chat support.

Some common therapy modules

  • Art of Speaking and Listening
  • Art of Love, Bonding & Intimacy
  • Art of Compromise
  • Wreckers & Their Antidotes
  • Baby decision
  • Management of jealousy
  • Management of anger/irritation/resentment
  • Art of Repair & Reconnect after hurt or trust rupture
  • Recovery from physical or emotional infidelity
  • Reversal of emotional detachment
  • How to grow stronger together

- 3 -


After the therapy, my interest in your well-being and success will not end. You can come back when you want for further advice, answers to questions, support or a top-up.

To maintain gains and progress, research has shown that follow-up appointments are effective. For example, many clients benefit from ongoing brief support, refresher of skills learned, progress checking-ins and extra coaching to deal with old or new challenges. By being well-known by your therapist, such support can be short and effective.

It is good to be known and to have assistance easily available when needed.

Support may be a brief voice or video call, email exchange, one session or a small number of booster sessions. You choose what you need.

If you like to know more before deciding whether to try therapy or not, don't hesitate to contact me. You can have one-off-introductory meeting without signing up for therapy.



We will work on overcoming, managing and healing any problems that affect your relationship happiness and satisfaction.

The therapy will be based on many decades of research on what and what not works in committed relationships.

The main focus will be the present and future, but if there are events in the past that are negatively affecting you we will also work to repair them.


Reviving romance and strengthen relationship (with or without the presence of problems).

Learn more about what science says about how to maintain passion and loving bonds.

Being coached to try out new and exciting ways to interact and grow closer.

  Life Transitions

Preparing for and managing major life transitions, such as:

  • moving in together
  • baby decision
  • trial separation / divorce
  • look after someone unwell
  • physical or mental health conditions
  • trauma
  • getting married

Common Problems Tackled


  • Not feeling understood, heard or respected
  • Communication Problems
  • Angry/volatile/uneasy exchanges
  • Cannot agree/compromise on important matters
  • Frustration/dissatisfaction
  • Need for an expert & non-judgemental outside opinion
  • Housework/parenting conflict


  • Stopped having fun together
  • Growing apart / Living parallel lives
  • Not enough affection
  • Physical intimacy issues
  • Unsure of the future of the relationship
  • Thoughts of separation



To maximise the benefits to you, I also work for you between therapy sessions. This work (reviewing and tailoring the therapy) can demand up to two hours per paid session and is included in the sessional rates.

There are no set number of sessions. You decide how much or little help you need.

My aim is for you to have reached your therapy goals and gained the skills and knowledge that makes you independent of therapy in the shortest possible time.

  Sessional Rates

General Queries | Phone/e-mailFree
Support Remote Session (15min)£25
Introductory Meeting & optional ARC (50min)£55
Therapy (50min)£99
Therapy - Double Session (90min)£130
Therapy | Saturday (90min)£205

  Cancellation Policy

If you change your mind, it is easy to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Cancellations made with more than 48 hours notice will be fully refunded.