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You and your partner will be looked after by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist who will tailor a programme of cutting-edge science-based therapy methods to help you with any relationship issues of yours.

You can enjoy our bespoke service in the comfort of your home (online) or come to our beautiful consulting rooms overlooking river Avon near Bath Abbey.

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Issues I can help with

If you have too many or too heated arguments or simply find it difficult to talk respectfully to each other, you have come to the right place.

I've a toolbox of proven techniques to help you overcome & manage communication issues and heal past hurts.

When our partner's manners, habits, beliefs or temperament clashes with what we expect or prefer, a number of negative emotions are triggered.

This is common in all relationships and the good news is that it doesn't affect your long-term relationship happiness.

However, if these differences lead to lingering dissatisfaction or recurring conflicts, something needs to change otherwise you may become increasingly emotionally distant.

You will be guided through the science of how to get along, partly based on Game Theory, and practice new ways of interacting and responding to differences.

Moving in together, health issues, financial problems, career changes and losses of loved ones can trigger conflict and tension, which can be better managed and resolved with help.

Drawing on research on what have worked and not worked for other couples facing similar situations, interventions may include goals to strengthen your connect, build resilience, problem solve and facilitate productive and emotionally attuned conversations.

Learn how you can grow stronger and maintain passion, intimacy and fun.

It will be based on over 60 years of scientific study on what makes and breaks long-term happy relationships.

Enjoy being coached in new and exciting ways to interact and grow closer.

As for physical health, prevention is better than cure. Your long-term relationship happiness can be supported and nurtured by resilience training, and by learning how to prepare for and avoid well-known couple challenges.

A comprehensive couple health check will help you identify strengths and areas you may wish to bolster or deepen.

This can also be very helpful for couples planning to get married, move in together or start a family.

For engaged couples, this intervention is also called premarital counselling or therapy.

Similar to the enhancement & prevention programme, you will be offered a comprehensive couple health check to help you identify strengths and areas you may wish to strengthen.

If helpful, we will adapt and discuss what we have learned about what makes and breaks relationship, and celebrate and build on your strengths and all the positive qualities that brought you together.

Having told your story, you now will have access to support and assistance from a relationship expert who knows you if you need any help in the future. This is part of our aftercare service.

Without trust a happy long-term relationship becomes impossible.

Any type of trust breach can have a devastating effect on the relationship, creating lasting emotions such as betrayal, sadness, anger, fear and loneliness.

What is a breach is different from person to person, and apart from emotional or sexual affairs can also include flirting, pornography, virtual affairs and lying about important things.

The aim of therapy is to rebuild trust by a thorough historical assessment of the relationship, guided discussions to increase understanding, emotional healing and an action plan based on taking responsibility, setting boundaries and radical openness.

The good news is that it is possible to recover from trust breaches.

Mutually rewarding physical, mental and emotional intimacies are the most important qualities of a relationship.

To be sustained over time, they need to be actively nurtured. It is not uncommon for intimacies to dwindle over time.

Therapy aims to discover and practice ways to revive, maintain and strengthen all three intimacies.

The decision to start a family or not is one of the biggest decisions we make in life.

It is not uncommon for couples to disagree about whether or not to try for a baby, and if deciding to go ahead, the logistics and timing of it.

In therapy, you will be guided through a programme to help you come to a decision that is best for both of you.

Disagreements about how to bring up your child(-ren) such as deciding on discipline, education, customs, faith and manners are common cause of tension.

Other issues covered include the specific challenges of blended families and parenting following parental separation.

Couples therapy aims to build and combine your individual strengths and help you to develop strategies for effective co-parenting, manage gridlocked conflicts, and strengthen your affective bonds as parents

Living apart and seeing each other infrequently can be very challenging.

After a careful assessment, we will adapt what we have learned about how to handle a long-distance relationship and how you can maintain the bond, closeness and trust.

The term Marriage Counselling or as it is practiced here, Marriage Therapy, is a an approach which focuses specifically on the institution of marriage.

Therapy is different to counselling in that it refers to a broader range of interventions and theoretical underpinnings. It is commonly delivered by professionals, such as psychologists and psychiatrists, with a more comprehensive and longer training than those conducting counselling.

The Bath Couples Therapy Practice stands out in comparison with most other services in that it is an evidence-based practice staffed by a specialist clinical psychologist with extensive training in both individual and couples psychological methods.

Whether you just have met or been together for years, having a period of doubts about the relationship is both normal and common even in the happiest of relationships.

It is not easy to talk about mixed feelings and plain speaking can be upsetting for both partners. On the other hand, if doubts are lingering they can endanger the relationship.

In therapy, we will establish a safe space to talk openly about the issues that have given rise to doubts and if you wish, find ways to overcome dissatisfaction or difficulties, learn more about the science of love and relationship, and give help to move your relationship in a more positive direction.

financial conflicts, division of house chores, jealousy, power imbalance, co-dependency, in-law issues are just some other common therapy targets.

Whatever it is that effects your relationship, I'm here to help, including individual mental health problems, and managing and coping with external stressors.



Evidence-Based Practice

You and your relationship are unique and so your therapy needs to be.

"There is no one couples therapy or counselling approach that fits all."

Drawing on my extensive training and clinical experience in the NHS and private practice, I will carefully select and adapt the best evidence-based approaches and methods meeting your needs, preferences and strengths.

You will also benefit from my expertise in Clinical Psychology for anything related to mental health and psychological well-being that may contribute to the issues for which you seek help.

Equally important, I offer you a warm, non-judgemental and compassionate healing sanctuary to address any issues you may bring.


Scientific studies have found that the majority of people undertaking Evidence-Based Couples Therapies achieve an increase in relationship satisfaction and desirable changes that have been impossible to reach before

Up to 75% success rate in some studies.

To what extent it will work for you depends on your needs, therapy goals and your readiness to change.

Three proven methods

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is one of the most widely practised couples therapy grounded in science. It is based on the importance of a secure emotional attachment between two people. The main therapeutic agent of change is carefully facilitated conversations.

The Gottman Method

Another well-established therapy is the The Gottman Method (GM). It is based on over fifty years of detailed study of what makes and breaks relationship. Professor John Gottman discovered nine components of a healthy relationship.

It facilitates change by employing a range of tailored therapy interventions which may include exercises, written guidance, bibliotherapy, role plays and elective video feedback.

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy for couples (CBTC) successfully applies and extends one of the most effective therapies orginally developed for inviduals with mental health issues to treat problems in relationships.

Unlike the more unitary approaches of GM and EFT, CBTC is a family of therapy protocols developed by a range of different authors. They are typically structured, present-oriented and concerned with altering the dynamics of the interplay between thoughts, feelings and behaviour. CBTC is particularly helpful when mental health issues are part of the presenting needs.

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Georgian House | Bath

Consultation Room | Duke Street, Bath

The practice is situated in a beautiful part of cental Bath, next to the Parade Gardens and the Rec. Only 3min walk from two car public parks, and 5min from the Bath Spa bus and train stations.


Telehealth | Online

If you are living abroad, elsewhere in the UK or prefer not to travel, no problems. You have also come to the right place. The whole therapy programme can effectively be delivered both in-person and online, or a mixture of both.

There are some unique advantages with online delivery, such as avoidance of travel, privacy, home comforts and accessibility.

A range of sophisticated methods are used to maximise the benefits of online delivery and to protect your privacy, including a secure telemedicine platform, encrypted email & telephone support and electronic therapy material.

Avon Relationship Check‑up (ARC)

Could we do better as a couple? How can we rekindle and strengthen our love? Do we have more problems than other couples, and if so, is it possible for us to improve? Are we right for each other? How ready are we to deal with future challenges as a couple? How will therapy help?

If any of these questions are relevant to you, then you've come to the right place. You'll be presented with answers to your questions, opportunities for improvement and further growth based on over 50 years of scientific research.

The check-up may be all what you want. However, if you need therapy and choose my service, after ARC you've already done all the foundation work and can start the main application of therapy straight away.

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Don't leave it too late

About 50% of married couples end up going separate ways and the figure for unmarried couples is even higher. Dissatisfaction and break-up, however, usually follow a long period of unresolved problems and those things are much easier to resolve early on and with help.

Professor John Gottman found that couples wait on average six years from the start of troubles until help is sought. That is a very long time to suffer unnecessarily and put the relationship in peril when there is strong evidence for the effectiveness of therapy.

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"My wife and I first met Dr Ryden in 2023 while we were living separately, pending a more formal separation and ultimately divorce. Dr Ryden was extremely patient, balanced and professional in working with us ..."

Adrian E.

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"... over a period of several months to agree to slow things down and embark upon a trial separation for 6 months. Working weekly as a couple with Dr Ryden we gradually reconciled our differences with his help and gentle guidance, which I am beside myself with joy and gratitude to say resulted in us actually renewing our wedding vows in April 2024. Whilst every situation, person and relationship is unique, I truly believe that Dr Ryden’s approach to couples counselling is exceptionally effective whilst remaining unequivocally balanced and unbiased. We are forever grateful to Dr Ryden for the help he afforded us, and the wonderful marriage which we now benefit from due to his guidance and support. Thank you Dr Ryden."


"I have known Dr Ryden for more than 20 years; we worked together as Psychologists and he is also an honest and caring friend. Dr Ryden is a person who both personally and professionally exemplifies integrity..."

Aleks B.

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"... As Psychologists, people place their trust in us to help them and this takes courage, and for many, may be a frightening leap of faith. Dr Ryden comes from a strong position of 'evidence-based-practice' in deep respect of this, delivering services that are informed by research, knowledge and experience. Dr Ryden is also a kind and compassionate person who genuinely listens and understands. I would highly recommend Dr Ryden to anyone seeking couples therapy or individual counselling."


"Having attended several couples therapy sessions, which have improved our relationship, I can safely say that Eric is the most professional psychologist I have ever met..."

P. Pineda

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"... and I am a psychologist myself and academic who has lived in several countries).

For this reason, I do not hesitate to recommend “The Bath Couples Therapy Practice” to friends and colleagues. In addition to Eric´s powerful therapy techniques, he is a warm person loaded with optimism, sensitivity and a refined sense of fairness that can be transferred to relationships. As a humanist and a scientist, his awareness and sensibility to views of men, women and couples is commendable and perhaps unique."

A very warm welcome to my practice

Dr Eric Ryden

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